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The Migrant Project

The Migrant Project

Contemporary California Farm Workers
June 7 — Oct. 19
El Proyecto Migratorio: Campesinos Contemporáneos de California

7 de Junio — 19 de Octubre, 2003

The Migrant Project sets out to do one thing: to put a human face to the people who, in the inimitable words of Broadcast Journalist Edward R. Murrow, "harvest the food for the best fed nation in the world."

Whether they are families living in the dirt lots of Mecca for months at a time during grape season, tomato pickers in Stockton who dash through muddy fields lugging thirty pound buckets in searing heat, day laborers who rise at 2:00 a.m. to cross the border at Calexico only then to be bused 50 miles to the scorching onion and melon fields of the Imperial Valley, or workers of indigenous descent who are relegated to the lowest of the low in jobs and living conditions, each and every one of these people has a story.

The Migrant Project consists of 40 black and white images and was brought together by photographer/writer Rick Nahmias. He recently completed the exhibit, an in-depth photojournalistic portrait detailing the daily lives and struggles of today's California migrant farms workers. It was shot in over 40 towns, spanning the state from Calexico to Sacramento, during the 2002 harvest.

"El Proyecto Migratorio" consiste de 40 imagenes de blanco y negro. El fotógrafo y escritor Rick Nahmias recientemente completó la exhibición sobre las luchas y vida diario de los campesinos. Nahmias tomo las fotografías en 40 ciudades de Calexico a Sacramento durante la cosecha del 2002.

This exhibition is translated into Spanish for our Spanish-speaking visitors.

La exhibición esta traducida en español para nuestros visitantes de habla hispana. Para información en español por favor llame al 714-738-5753. Grupos escolares por favor llamen al 714-738-3136.

The exhibit was funded by the UC Berkeley Center for Latino Policy Research, along with The Kurz Family Foundation and the California Rural Legal Assistance.

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