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PLEASE NOTE - We require FOUR plan sets for new submissions, except for Electrical, Plumbing and Mechanical plans which only require 3 sets.  Please separate your plan set types to save time at our counter.

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Building Division Documents and Information
Section UL
 Agreement for Demolition of Structures (19.3 KB)
 AQMD Wood Burning Regulations (662.6 KB)
 BSA Revolving Fund fees (11.2 KB)
 BUILDING CODES effective January 1, 2014 (26.6 KB)
 California Energy Code (2013) Residential Lighting Requirements (87.1 KB)
 Carbon Monoxide and Smoke Detector Alarm - Certification Form (26.9 KB)
 Carbon Monoxide Detectors - Information Sheet (158.3 KB)
 CF-1R-ALT-HVAC - Residential HVAC Alterations (1015.8 KB)
 Contractor's Sub List (May 2013) (644 KB)
 Demolition Bond Information (11.1 KB)
 Electrical Plans - Basic Information on Plan Check Submittal (620.4 KB)
 FEES - Current Commercial and Industrial Fees (95.6 KB)
 FEES - Current Residential Fees (99.1 KB)
 OCFCA Guideline for Solar Photovoltaic Systems (1.28 MB)
 Owner/Builder Permit Authorization Form (5.1 KB)
 Request for Waiver from Underground Service (10.7 KB)
 Request to Cancel Permits (5.2 KB)
 Request to Extend Permits (4.9 KB)
 Residential HVAC Requirements (598.7 KB)
 SB407 Water Conserving Fixtures (389 KB)
 Solar Photo-Voltaic Plan Check Requirements (20.1 KB)
 Special Inspector Certification Program Application (643.2 KB)
 Structural Observation Report Form (88.7 KB)
 USER GUIDE and Codes to Requesting Building Inspections (310.6 KB)
 Waste Reduction & Recycling Plan (Demolition) (46.4 KB)
 Waste Reduction & Recycling Report (Demolition) (25.3 KB)
 Water Pollution Control Guidelines for SFR Buildings (143.3 KB)
 Water Quality Management Plan Information (20.9 KB)
 Water Quality Plan Notes for all Construction Projects (105.7 KB)
 Window Change-Out Information (464.1 KB)
Construction Details
Section UL
 6" or 8" C.M.U. Garden Wall Method G (459.9 KB)
 6" or 8" C.M.U. Garden Wall Method H (89.6 KB)
 Attached Pilaster M (307.2 KB)
 Central Attic Furnaces Q (407.2 KB)
 Detached Patio Cover O (651.9 KB)
 Detached Pilaster Section N (295.9 KB)
 Exterior Door Landings Method T (420.5 KB)
 Garden Wall / Partial Retaining Method E (401.2 KB)
 Garden Wall / Partial Retaining Method F (426.9 KB)
 Gas Piping for Tankless Water Heaters (28.8 KB)
 Retaining Wall / Level Backfill Method A (458.3 KB)
 Retaining Wall / Level Backfill Method B (436.4 KB)
 Retaining Wall 2 : 1 Slope Method C (525.6 KB)
 Stepped Foundation P (201.2 KB)
 Swimming Pool Fencing Method S (398.6 KB)
 Typical Garage (68.5 KB)
 Typical Patio Cover (80.1 KB)
 Typical Trash Enclosure (75.6 KB)
 Water Heater Installation R (841.1 KB)
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