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Do I need a Business Registration Certificate?
If you conduct business in Fullerton or plan to locate your business operation in Fullerton, you will need a registration certificate.
How do I establish or discontinue water service?
You may establish or discontinue water service by coming to City Hall or calling Utility Services at (714) 738-6890.  Be sure to check our calendar for office hours.  Contact our office at least two working days prior to beginning or ending water service in order to allow time to set up your account and place you on our service route.
How do I register a Business?
How long is the Registration Certificate valid?
The certificate is good for twelve months from the initial date of business. For example; if a business activity begins in Fullerton at any time during the month of September, the Registration Certificate will expire on the first day of September the following year.
How much is the Business tax?
The business tax varies by type of activity and location.

New Businesses may use the New Business Tax Rate Schedule to determine the initial Business Tax.

Refer to the Business Tax Renewal Schedule for due dates and explanation of penalties, if applicable, for existing businesses.

For additional information please contact the Business Registration Division at (714) 738-6531 or by e-mail at BusinessRegistration@ci.fullerton.ca.us

Is the City of Fullerton Business Registration Certificate the same thing as a Business License?
The terms Business Registration Certificate and Business License have been used by various cities with the same intention: to show that a business has registered and paid a tax for the benefit of conducting business within a given city. The Certificate does not permit a business that is in violation of any law.
Is the Registration Certificate transferable?
A Registration Certificate is non-transferable.
May I operate a business from my home?
Some business activities are allowed from the home. Contact the Business Registration Division at (714) 738-6531 or (714) 738-5326 with a complete description of your business activity to determine if your activity qualifies for operation from a residence.
What are the benefits of getting a Business Registration Certificate?
Obtaining a Business Registration Certificate benefits the business owner and the Fullerton community. Primarily, payment of the business tax generates revenue, which supports City services. Additionally, obtaining a certificate adds you to the list of businesses on file with the City. This extensive list serves as an information base and is regularly referred to by City staff when responding to public inquires. The greatest benefit is that upon compliance with the City's business certificate requirement the integrity of your business is known to the public.
What if I change the name or location of my business?
The Business Registration Division must be notified within ten days of any change in the ownership, address, location, operation etc. of a business.
What if I have a Business Registration Certificate or Business License from another city, county or state agency?
A certificate, license or permit from another agency does not exempt a business from Fullerton's requirements. The Business Registration fee is a tax levied on all businesses doing business in Fullerton.
What if I have more than one business?
A separate Registration Certificate is required for each business activity. If the same activity is conducted at more than one location a Registration Certificate will be required for each location.
What is a Business Registration Application?
A Business registration application is a form used to submit the following information: the nature and description of business, the location of business, name, taxpayer identification number, residents address and any information as requested by federal or state taxing authorities. The application must be fully completed and returned to the Business Registration Division with the registration tax. Please contact the Business Registration Office at (714) 738-6531 for the applicable tax or visit the tax schedule at our website.
What is a Business Registration Certificate?
The Business Registration Certificate is a document that allows you to conduct business in the City of Fullerton. The certificate contains information specific to your business and is in accordance with the Fullerton Municipal Code. An account number is assigned to your business at the time the certificate is paid.
What is the purpose of a Business Tax?
The purpose of the City's business tax is to generate revenue to support general municipal services to our residents and commercial businesses. These services include police and fire protection, library services and maintenance of the City's parks and medians.
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